Karina Vohle
(Studio Owner)

Fully Certified STOTT PILATES ® Instructor

  • Matwork

  • Cadillac, Chair and Barrels 

  • Reformer

ISP Certified 

Pilates for Neurological Conditions 

Pre-/Postnatal certified

Certified BARRE Instructor

I believe in the immense benefits of Pilates and I am passionate about educating my clients. Once you pay attention to your alignment and posture, you can really make a change.

There is nothing more rewarding to see a client walk out with a smile on their face, without aches and pain. Movement heals!


As a fully STOTT PILATES ® certified instructor, I rehabilitate clients with hip and knee replacements, shoulder injuries, numerous musculo-skeletal injuries, including herniated/bulged discs. I train clients with MS, Fibromyalgia, Osteoporosis and Scoliosis.


Whether you are new to Pilates, are Pre-or postpartum, seek a challenge or are just bored of your usual workout routine; I promise you will find a workout that leaves you invigorated, refreshed and likely will let you feel those muscles that you didn’t even know you had!


I would love to help you on this movement journey and hope you find the class a happy, inclusive, positive and body-changing place to be!

Kasey Maguire


Pilates Mat



Kasey began her mindful movement practice in 2010 and started instructing after her first Pilates teacher training in 2012. Initially, she was drawn to the role of mindful movement in maintaining physical health and creating body awareness but is increasingly interested in the role movement plays in healing bodies not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. She firmly believes that to move is to heal.

Kasey is currently training at Body Harmonics in Toronto to finish her full certification.

In her time outside of the studio, Kasey can be found running trails, sweating through WODs at Alchemy CrossFit, walking her Bernese mountain dog or hanging upside down with her daughter.

Julia Holmes


Pilates Mat


ISP Certified

Julia is passionate about enabling health and well-being through engagement in meaningful activity. Through her own dedicated Pilates practice over the last 8 years, Julia’s love for this mind-body technique has continued to grow.

Her appreciation stems not only from the enjoyment of participating in Pilates but also from the impact it can have on day to day life. In addition to the many physical benefits of Pilates she is also interested in the potential benefits to mental and emotional well-being such as increased mindfulness through breath, body awareness and movement, increased confidence and self efficacy through setting goals and working to achieve them as well as the benefits of social connection through a friendly and supportive Pilates community.

As a result of the impact Pilates has had on her own life, Julia began her training to become a STOTT Pilates instructor in January 2019. She is now a STOTT Pilates certified Mat and Reformer instructor with additional injury and special populations training.

Sinead Gaffney


Pilates Mat



Sinead began her relationship with movement at a young age having been a dancer since the age of 6. As she moved into her teen years she traded her ballet slippers in for running shoes and was a part of the local track and field team. 

This eventually led to horrible chin splints and injuries in her joints so she was looking for another form of fitness. 

She was introduced to Pilates by her older sister at 15 and found the combination of mind, body, and breath eased anxiety that she sometimes experienced as a adolescent.

Being a Pilates advocate for years she eventually started attending Barre classes and decided to go through with Barre training in 2016 shortly after her second child.

After the training she realized she had a passion and love for teaching and movement.

She completed her 200 YTT at DeLaSol Yoga Studios June 2017 and has been teaching ever since.

Most recently, Sinead completed her Pilates Mat and Reformer training which finally brought her back to her movement roots.

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