Lets move together!


Pilates All Levels

This mat class will challenge everyone at their own pace. You will be given options at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

It focuses on improving deep core strength, endurance and control. Exercises are selected to challenge mobility and stabilization through the core and peripheral muscles while adding flexibility and suppleness to your body.



A signature class that incorporates deep muscle toning with resistance incorporating the grace of ballet, the science of physical therapy, the flexibility of yoga and the core strengthening of Pilates. The class emphasizes working the muscles to fatigue to develop muscle strength and endurance, stretching to create long, flexible muscles and cardio blasts to ensure you get a well-rounded workout.

Suspension classes starting this week!__

 Pilates Suspension Method

The Pilates Suspension Method is taking Mat, Reformer, Cadillac and Chair exercises to the TRX.

This whole body workout will have you working up a sweat and challenge those stabilizing muscles while suspended!



(not recommended for our prenatal clients or clients with back injuries)



A class that incorporates Traditional Pilates Mat Exercises and High Endurance sequences to get your heart rate up and improve stamina. It utilizes the BOSU to add a challenge to stability - fabulous to improve your proprioception!



The most favourite of the Pilates apparatuses - THE REFORMER- utilizes spring-controlled resistance to build core strength, increase flexibility, endurance and coordination. The resistance created by the pulley and spring system, along with your body weight provides a more challenging strength and endurance workout than Mat Pilates.



Build deeper layers of strength and awareness in your body.

Whether you're a long time practitioner or new to Pilates, this class will challenge you to develop both isolated & functional strength that will translate into safer, stronger practice. 

Try it if you have chronic joint pain.

Open to all levels!